This is a real breakthrough in Table Tennis rackets and blades technology. We have developed a new construction of the blade, which showed outstanding characteristics.The flexibility of the blade is enhanced by specially designed handles, which act like “springs” at both sides, thus making the blade much more powerful.

What is more, thanks to this feature a better control of the ball is achieved as well.

Thanks to BBS (Best Balance System) technology in the handle the center of balance of the rackets moves closer to the center of the “sweet spot”, which makes the strokes much faster.

A special kind of light and elastic sponge with micro bubbles increases the catapult effect of the rubber coverings.

MCS (Маximum Comfort System)New MCS system has been developed to give You really new sences of the play.

Now the handle has a special light sponge with micro pores, which provides improved grip and a special comfort feeling while the game.

The racket becomes a part of the Player!