The Estonian company NTT was built in 1987 in compliance with Western manufacturing standards and under the license of one of most famous brands in the table tennis world.

NTT is unique worldwide. Indeed, our company has mastered all the production processes involved in the output of table tennis rackets and now we manufacture all components needed for this activity.

Cooperation with us gives you the following advantages:

  • The highest quality of TT products on the level of world famous brands
  • Short production and delivery time
  • The best prices directly from producer
  • You can order any quantities you wish
  • High service level – we are always working for you and toward your needs

01. Our Wood section

From logs of wood we produce in our own shop:

  • different types and qualities of veneer, coloured and impregnated,
  • the plywood used to make blades,
  • a wide range of handles, the design of which is unlimited.

02. Our Rubber department

With the help of the European N° 1 laboratory, which specializes in table tennis rubber we have developed:

  • a range of high quality rubber coverings that are registered by ITTF,
  • a line of various types of sponge.

03. Our products

In addition to table tennis rackets, which is the primary business of NTT, we also manufacture:

  • a wide range of professional blades fitted for competition,
  • a line of single packed rubber coverings.

04. Our European location

Located in Eastern Europe, our company is able to make small deliveries within a short time. Many very famous brands in the table tennis world order from our company and place their confidence in NTT.

All these components are produced in our company.

This enables us to control very carefully all manufacturing operations and puts us in a position to react very quickly to new requirements and demands from our customers, such as offering them new lines and new designs.

We enjoy this reputation thanks to:

  • our Western manufacturing standards and our know how,
  • the fact that we have at our disposal all the components
  • necessary for producing table tennis rakets,
  • our wide range rackets, blades and single packed rubber coverings.



Plywood for blades and boards of dyed veneer for handles are made at site.The maximum size of dyed plywood is 560 x 560 mm, and the maximum thickness is 50 mm.

The maximum size of the plywood made of natural aspen anbirch veneer is 1100 x 1100 mm, and the thickness is up to 20 mm.


NTT produces handles both of massive wood (birch, aspen and ash) and also natural dyed veneer glued in beautiful patterns. We dye the veneer ourselves and glue the plywood to make complicated designs that is why we can fulfill your order according to your own designs and shapes, or work out and offer our own collections in a very short time.


Now, we have developed a wide range of professional blades. On the level of classical variants ALL and OFF we also offer you our models – NTT blades elaborated by our Rsearch & Development department

Our modern equipment, the use of exotic and nordic kinds of wood as well as new techniques in production enable us to produce high quality blades with stable characteristics. We hope you will recognize their value.


The rubber covering is one of the most important components, which play a decisive role in the playing characteristics of a racket.

Modern technology, unique equipment and excellent formulae of rubber and sponge enable us to produce high quality rubber coverings from natural caoutchouc and chemical elements, which make our rubber bright, lucid and very grippy.

All possible combinations of rubber and sponge recipes give a vide range of qualities, which satisfy the players of any level: from the very beginners to professionals participating in international championships.

We sell our products to a lot of countries all over the world!